This conference is a biennial event organized to bring together a growing community of academics, clinicians, and trainees undertaking scholarly research in fields such as medical anthropology, the history of medicine, health economics, narrative medicine, and health policy. We are building on a over a decade's worth of momentum in fostering intellectual conversation among a distinct breed of clinician-scholars and renewing the bonds that support the continued vitality of this community. 

This year the conference will take place on the 18th and 19th of April 2015 in Philadelphia, PA at the University of Pennsylvania. It is organized around the theme Policies and Politics of Care. Care-giving lies at the core of a clinical relationship, but far from being an apolitical site of human compassion or technical skill it is highly structured by broader social dynamics, market forces, and a (trans)national policy landscape. We look forward to broad interdisciplinary investigation into these themes.